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Frequently asked questions

How can we see some real-estate?

Contact us at e-mail: or call us on GSM: +385 91 20 17 289, TEL: +385 52 453 430 any time and we will agree an appoitment.

Are the writen prices final?

The prices were defined by the owner of the real-estate and any change of the price depends of the owner.

Is the purchase tax included in the price?

The Republic of Croatia has a unified tax rate of 5% for all types of real estate and respective transactions. The tax is defined based on the price of the real estate in the sales contract and the value estimate by the authorized tax authority in charge for the area in which the real estate is located. According to the Law, tax on purchase of real estate is paid by the customer or the seller on behalf of the customer, if the parties agree upon this. After conclusion of the sales contract the customer is obliged to register the purchase at the authorized tax authority within 30 days from the day of conclusion of the contract. Public notaries do also submit one copy of the sales contract to the tax authorities. The customer is obliged to pay respective real estate purchase tax within 15 days from the day of reception of the decision received from the tax authorities on the exact tax amount. If this tax is not paid within this term, interest on arrears are charged for every day of delayed payment.

Is it possible to pay the real estate in foreign currency?

Yes, you can pay by bank or post office money transfer. The amount is converted into Kuna at the middle exchange rate by the National bank of Croatia at the day of payment.

Are foreign citizens entitled to purchase real estates in croatia??

Yes, but after prior consent issued by the Ministry of legal affairs and the Ministry of foreign affairs. These statements on consent are issued to citizens of those countries Croatia signed a contract on reciprocity with and in extraordinary cases, to citizens of other countries as well. The procedure of obtaining the statement on consent is as follows:
When a foreign citizen decides to purchase real estate in Croatia, first the sales contract has to be signed with the selling party.. Together with respective documentation, this contract is sent to the Ministry of foreign affairs in Zagreb. When the Ministry issues to the customer its statement on consent, the foreign citizen is entitled to register the real estate onto his name at the Municipal court -Cadastry department and pays the real estate purchase tax. Foreign citizens that establish, or already have an established company in Croatia, can purchase real estates on behalf of this company.

How high is the agency provision?

Real estate price Provision
from 0 € till 50.000,00 € 1.534,00 €
50.000,00 € and more 3%

The provision contains all services till the sales contract

How much deposit should be paid when one decides to buy a real estate?

Usually the down-payment is 10% of the sales price or different if agreed so between the contractual parties.

How can I calculate the final price?

+ agency provision (1.534,00 € or 3%)
+ 5% purchase tax
+ 1% sales contract
(+ 1% consent of the Ministry of foreign affairs in Zagreb - for foreign citizense)
= Final price

Why invest in Istria?

One of the most visited regions in Croatia, not only because of the unique architecture that has merged between the Roman Empire and today's Mediterranean culture, but also because of its natural beauty, national parks, pure sea and hidden gems of cultural heritage that attract visitors from all over the world

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