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Frequently asked questions

How can we look at some of real-estate?

Feel free to contact us via e-mail or call us on +385 91 20 17 289 or +385 95 5555 535 at any time of the day and we will arrange an appointment. You are also invited to visit us in our office at Aldo Negri 1 in Porec. The office is located on the ground floor opposite the Istrian Credit Bank Umag.

Are the listed real estate prices fixed?

The listed prices are the prices defined by the owner, and the change in prices depends on him.

How much is the tax on real estate sales in Croatia

In Croatia, the real estate transfer tax is 3% for all types of real estate and all types of transactions. The amount of tax is determined on the basis of the price of the sales contract and the assessment of the competent tax administration. According to the law, the tax is paid by the buyer. The deadline for filing sales tax with the tax administration is 30 days from the day of signing the sales contract. Then the buyer is obliged to pay the tax within 15 days from the date of issuance of the decision from the tax administration, otherwise he pays interest.

Is it possible to pay in foreign currency?

Yes, payment is made by post, bank or mobile banking. Only in the case of sales tax, foreign currency funds are converted into kuna and thus paid.

Can foreign citizens buy real estates in Croatia?

They can. They need the consent of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (except for citizens of the European Union). Consent can be obtained by citizens of those countries with which the Republic of Croatia has signed a reciprocity agreement, and in exceptional cases by others. The procedure is as follows: When a foreign citizen decides to buy real estate, he concludes a sales contract with the seller, who at that time does not have to be notarized, and submits it with certain documentation to the Ministry of Affairs in Zagreb. Once he obtains the consent, only then can he register the ownership in his own name and pay the real estate transfer tax. Foreign citizens who establish or have an established company in Croatia can buy real estate as the property of that company.

How much is the agency fee?

Real estate value Commission
from 0 € till 50.000,00 € 1.500,00 €
50.000,00 € and more 3%

The commission includes all sales services until registration.

How much is the caparity?

The down payment is usually 10% of the purchase price or by agreement between the seller and the buyer.

How to calculate the final price of the real estate?

+ agency commission (1.500,00 € or 3%)
+ 3% sales tax
+ 1% costs of the contract of sale with a notary public
(+ 1% consent of the Ministry - only for foreign citizens)
= Final price

Why invest in Istria?

One of the most visited regions in Croatia, not only because of the unique architecture that has merged between the Roman Empire and today's Mediterranean culture, but also because of its natural beauty, national parks, pure sea and hidden gems of cultural heritage that attract visitors from all over the world

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